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Remote Caretaking

The BITZER Electronics Remote Careking app for iOS and Android helps generate the perfect indoor climate, while keeping the energy consumption and service costs to a minimum.

  • Monitoring and control of ventilation systems in private houses and apartments as well as industrial applications - monitoring of up to several thousand units simultaneously.
  • Reduce service cost significantly due to fewer and more efficient service calls.
  • Prevent and avoid mold in private homes due to defect or turned off ventilation systems.
  • Multiple-shut-down: Remotely turn off all ventilation units in an entire apartment building, and avoid smoke contermination from external sources.
  • Case stories: see more here

  • See the video below and learn more about the solution.

- Control all ventilation units remotely and reduce service cost to a minimum
- Avoid mold inside the apartments by monitoring if all ventilation systems function and are switched on
- View temperature and humidity of each apartment or your house
- Control the indoor temperature set point
- Preventive maintenance: View and clear warnings and alarms, and prevent critical and expensive failures 
- Multiple-shut-down of more ventilation units
- Improved trouble shooting: View historical data