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User Friendly Touch Display

The user-friendly touch display makes it a lot easier to have a constant overview over your system. We are continuously developing new solutions for different systems and the touch display presents one of the most innovative and user-friendly interfaces on the market.

The display secures that the indoor climate is always on point and that the energy consumption is at an absolute minimum. 

We know how important user friendliness are, both in big industrial buildings and also in private homes. Our designers have worked on building a solution that is clean, discrete and modern in design, but also efficient in every possible setting.

The touch display can be mounted on the wall or at the front panel of heat pumps and ventilation systems. That makes it extra flexible to different solutions and still at an absolute minimum cost.


  • Optimal user friendliness
  • Easy adjustment - few clicks
  • Clean and modern design
  • Case stories: see more here

- Smart control to ensure perfect indoor climate – using a minimum of energy 
- 3,5’’ full colour touch display with improved usability 
- Controlling both ventilation system and heat pumps