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BITZER Electronics Ventilation Controller helps generating a perfect indoor climate

The BITZER Electronics Ventilation Controllers helps generating the perfect indoor climate, with minimum energy consumption. We offer a variety of components together with the Ventilation Controllers which makes it easy for you to get started. Integrated temperature, RH, CO2 and differential pressure transducers enables you to control your system with both passive and active heat recovery with high efficiency. All easily managed from a full graphical user interface with touch or remotely via integrated webserver

  • Passive heat recovery ventilation system
  • Active heat recovery ventilation system
  • Active heat recovery ventilation system with domestic hot water heating

- Control of the supply and exhaust air with energy-saving EC fans 
- The individual capacity of the exhaust and supply air fans can be adjusted
- Control of inlet temperature with modulating by-pass
- Demand-driven ventilation with CO2 and humidity sensors
- Week program
- Alarm and event log with real time clock
- Ground source air heat exchanger, temperature control of inlet air by-pass
- Modbus communication
- Intelligent temperature compensation
- A/W heat pump split-unit control

The LMC310 is UL and CE approved. It meets the strict standards for electronic devices in the US and EU 

Lmc310i Basic Rgb Beskaaret