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Condensing Unit Controller (LMC340i)

Simple, intelligent control at your fingertips

If you are looking to operate a reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration system BITZER Electronics' Condensing Unit Controller is the right choice. This unique controller will maintain ideal temperatures at all times by intelligently controlling up to two compressors and fans.


- Save time and money on installation and commissioning

- Easy five parameter set-up and delivered pre-configured for dual compressors and BITZER Varispeed saves you on installation costs.

- Improved serviceability: Remotely monitor and service the controller via Modbus or Internet and troubleshoot the system before you arrive on site.

- Advanced energy savings: Floating compressor pressure with step less control of the fans and compressor reduces overall power consumption.

- Reduced operation life cycle costs: Liquid carry-over detection reduces compressor replacements and time spent on modifying unit set points.

Our Condensing Unit Controller solution can be provided as a plug and play kit, as a stand-alone component or as a complete solution. 

Feature overview

- Energy-saving operation
- Higher maximum capacity of compressors using frequency converters
- Quiet operation of condensing units
- Ready for various refrigerants

Compressor control
The compressor control can be supplied with frequency inverter or on/off control. It is capable of controlling up to two compressors in parallel or in combination with one frequency inverter and one on/off. The LMC340i is specially optimized for BITZER VARISPEED compressors but can also be used for other reciprocating or Scroll compressors controlled by external 0-10 V control signal.

Control mode
The control mode can be set for suction pressure or room temperature, including 2nd set point.

Eco or low sound mode
The sound mode can be set for on/off or stepless 0-100% condenser control, running either the fans in the most efficient mode or with the lowest noise level. You also have available a forced low sound mode.

Week programme
The week programme can be set for different set points during the day and the week for optimized compressor condenser fan operation.

Compressor protection
Compressor protection is accomplished via temperature monitoring, oil level monitoring and maintaining safe pressure levels during operation. 

The Condensing Unit Controller LMC340i is UL and CE approved. It meets the strict standards for electronic devices in the US and the EU.