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Control your hot water and heating for optimum domestic comfort

Gain total control of your domestic hot water and heating systems for optimum comfort with BITZER Electronics' LMC320 Heat Pump Controller. An optimised system will save time and energy – and in turn money.   

The LMC320 can be used in most heat pump applications to obtain the highest possible coefficient of performance (COP). Applications include:

  • Brine/water heat pumps
  • Air/water heat pumps (extended only)
  • Water/water heat pumps
  • Domestic hot water heat pumps

- Energy- and cost-saving operation through intelligent capacity control via frequency inverter
- Intelligent defrost scheduling saves energy and ensures low capacity waste
- Intelligent winter/summer and ambient temperature compensation optimises the system – maximising comfort and saving energy
- User-friendly

Feature overview

Solar panel

Integrated control of solar panel for hot water heating 

Concrete programme
Drying programme for concrete flooring according til DIN 1264-4 

Remote monitoring via web interface

Unique user control
BITZER Electronics offers a state-of-the-art set-up, usage and data access for heat pumps with the full graphical color dis­play, LUP200.

Heat pumps can also be monitored with the BITZER Electronics PC software ”Lodam Multi Tool”, which ensures easier system design, test and set-up.

The LMC320 is UL and CE approved. It meets the strict standards for electronic devices in the US and the EU.