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Dual DPT Sensors

Optimise and simplify your ventilation system with the BITZER Electronics DUAL differential pressure transducer (DPT). The 2-in-1 solution offers two integrated sensor elements to save space and cost and enhance functionality.

The Modbus interface also adds the option of data from an on-board and two external temperature sensors. The DUAL DPT sensor with Modbus is designed for our Multi Controller (LMC300) – a standard hardware platform that can be tailored to an infinite number of solutions.

The DUAL DPT sensor can also be used with other controllers via Modbus (RS485) interface.

Technical details

Pressure ranges: 0-250Pa / 0-1250Pa
Power supply: 12-32V; Max 20mA supply current
RS485 ports: 1 (2 connections)
Temperature range: -25°C ~ +85°C
Accuracy (max. total error):
0 - 250Pa; max 2,25%, FS = -/+ 6Pa
0 - 1250Pa; max 1,5%, FS = -/+ 19Pa

On-board temperature sensor:
1; -30°C ~ +70°C, accuracy ± 1°C

External temperature sensors: option of 2, accuracy:
± 3°C in the range -50°C ~ -36°C
± 1°C in the range -35°C ~ +49°C
± 3°C in the range +50°C ~ +99°C

Dual DPT 0-250Pa: Differential Pressure Transducer, 0-250 Pa, ± 2.5%Fs, Dual: 8252393015
Dual DPT 0-1250Pa: Differential Pressure Transducer, 0-1250 Pa, ± 1.5% Fs, Dual: 8252393025
Single DPT 0-1250: Differential Pressure Transducer, 0-1250Pa, ± 1.5%Fs, Single: 8252393055