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Oil level monitoring for compressors

The OLC-K1 is used to monitor oil level in compressors – efficient and easy. The sensor offers a contactless solution that helps ensuring sufficient lubrication of the internal mechanics.

There is always a change that the refrigerant can be absorbed by oil and the fluctuation of the oil level in the compressor is too high. The OLC-K1 helps with professional monitoring so the system always works in the most efficient way as possible.

The OLC-K1 is for compressor use and have the possibility to lock out, if the oil levels are not adequate after 90 seconds of compressor operations. This secures that the system never operates without sufficient lubrication.

Technical details
The OLC-K1 are available in two versions:
OLC-K1, 230 VAC
OLC-K1, 115 VAC

The OLC-K1 series are UL and CE approved. They meet the strict standards requirements for electronic devices in the US and the EU.