BITZER Electronics supports WWF project in Africa

WWF-Denmark is implementing a conservation project in Uganda that BITZER Electronics will now support over the next three years. 

On the slopes of the great Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda a national park unfolds. This national park is especially known for its vast biodiversity. But pressures from the population near the park have meant forest degradation and poaching continue in this protected area.

The park authorities fight for the park’s preservation, but insufficient resources and poor local communities with few alternative incomes makes it difficult to stop ongoing deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

WWF and the Hempel Foundation have established a project that works to halt these trends, securing a sustainable future for both nature and people. BITZER Electronics has decided to support this project as a sponsor, which will enable additional coverage of the reforestation component of the project.

The project focus on ensuring sustainable alternative incomes for the communities near the nation­al park, such as small wood lot plantations, and improving forest management to protect of the park and its biodiversity.

“We are proud and very happy to join this fantastic WWF project. We are a green company that always aim to make the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Actions speak louder than words and the preservation of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park takes vital steps in a more sustainable future”, says Anne Vibeke Barner Madsen, Head of Human Resources at BITZER Electronics. 

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BITZER Electronics is member of a number of networks that support social responsibility activities. The list (see the full list below) reflects BITZER Electronics' commitment to human rights, environmental innovations and organisations that support the local communities in which we do business.

List of partnerships

Human rights


Local cultural branding

  • Cultural and sports sponsorships: “Kultur i Syd”,
  • Sønderborg Hus, Sønderjyske Elite Sport and Dybbølhallerne

Employer branding and attraction


  • Cooperation agreements with University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University
  • Energy sponsor programme at Aalborg university
  • Panel of employer representatives at the University of Southern Denmark,

Innovation and technology

Industrial cooperation

  • Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri, DI),
  • Member of DI’s CSR network and Conflict Minerals network,
  • Industrigruppen Sønderborg
  • Member of SET (Sønderborg Erhvervs- og Turistcenter),
  • Member of Sønderborg Vækstråd