Remote monitoring is about to make life a lot easier for the innovative “Sundtoften” project.

How Is it possible to maintain a perfect indoor climate and keep a complete overview in over 300 apartments at the same time? – Let’s show you.

Sundtoften present 301 renovated apartments and houses, which are designed to keep the energy consumptions and costs at an absolute minimum. At the same time, The IoT-Solution, which is fitted to the Nilan ventilation-system, makes it easy to maintain a perfect overview and control over the ventilation and heating in the whole complex. The IoT-solution also presents the possibility to do multiple shutdowns in all apartments in case of emergency.

“We have had some problems with the climate and ventilation at Sundtoften earlier. The last couple of years, we have been talking about our possibilities with remote monitoring. It is important for us, that we get a notification when problems occur, because then we can start an early faultfinding from our office. The BITZER Electronics solution meets all our requests and it is an easy and efficient tool. Now we will get an e-mail-notification every time the system finds an error or other irregularities”, says The House Caretaker from Sundtoften.

The IoT-solution is developed in a way, so different users can interact in different roles. This could for example be in a housing project as Sundtoften, where the house caretaker and tenant are able to see and act on different levels of the system. While the tenant can control and adjust the temperature in the housing, the caretaker can gain access to performance logs and troubleshooting, if any problems should occur.