Heat recovery ventilation systems

Nilan produces domestic ventilation systems for use in single-family homes. The ventilation systems can be combined with a compressor for active heat transfer or with outlet-to-inlet air for passive heat transfer. Operational modes include: ventilation, cooling, heating and an automatic mode where the temperature is kept at a set point. 

The system can also compensate for the temperature difference of incoming air. The compensation is based on the outside temperature and the system is supplied with summer/winter operation for safer, more comfortable operation.

In heat pump mode, the unit uses the ambient air temperature to generate hot water for general household use, including: showering and washing. Different temperature sensors can be used as the controlling sensor. If the heat generated by the compressor is not adequate, the controller will add heat from an external source.

The heat pump has a high-pressure switch for safety and a signal for an external heat source (i.e. a boiler). The user can also select if an electrical heater should be used for supplemental heat in very cold periods. Defrosting can be via air, hot gas or 4-way valve. The anti-Legionella function can be used to minimize bacteria in the water tank. There is also a function for detecting if the pollen filters need replacing and the weekly program can be used to change temperature settings and fan speeds over a seven-day period.

Facts – Nilan Domestic Ventilation

  • Mechanical ventilation system
  • Heat Recovery
  • Hot water production and anti-Legionella bacteria function
  • Air conditioning is available on some units
  • Optional supplemental heating from an external source for house heating
  • Fixed fan speed, fans with step-less control
  • Compressor capacity regulated through on/off operation or also via the hot gas valve
  • Display for easy access and adjustment
  • Extensive alarm functions
  • Weekly program for different day and night settings
  • Several languages available


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