BITZER SMART CONNECT provides optimum indoor climate in FSB buildings

124 students live behind the green glass at Engbakken College at Nørrebro. Each student has an apartment with both kitchen and bath. On the roof of the building there is seven Exhausto air handling units, which ensure a healthy indoor climate for each student.

“The monitoring system, BITZER SMART CONNECT, makes sure that the ventilation is operating as planned. I get notified in case of any problems, when filters need to be replaced and when the weekly fire alarm has been tested successfully,” tells Rune Bossen, Caretaker at Engbakken.


The installation BITZER SMART CONNECT has created greater focus on filter replacement at Engbakken. The building is located right next to a road with a lot of traffic and therefore it is important to secure that the filters are changed regular. This to ensure that the tenants always have the optimal indoor climate.

Data log to ensure a perfect overview

BITZER SMART CONNECT helps Rune Bossen, with the correct information about the operation of the air handling units. “If I receive enquires about problems with the air handling units, I go through the data log on my mobile phone. This makes it very easy and simple to identify the problems,” tells Rune Bossen. The Data log function is available on both Mobile phone, Tablet and PC.

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BITZER SMART CONNECT ensures that we use the full potential of our air handling units in terms of energy and economic reasons. The system also creates a great overview for our caretakers on a busy work-day.
Poul Thrane, Energy Consultant FSB

Poul Thrane has for more than 20 years kept track of technical installations in more than 13.000 apartments and houses. He works as an energy consultant for FSB, which is the biggest social housing association in Copenhagen.

“All our apartments need ventilation. This to secure that we always have the optimal indoor climate,” tells Poul Thrane.

BITZER SMART CONNECT was installed in a chosen number of buildings in 2018 and the monitoring system has secured FSB an energy efficient solution and a much more simple way to support the technical installations.  

“With the installation of BITZER SMART CONNECT we have minimized our many check-up procedures. The app makes it easy to have an overview of the air handling units. Both me and the caretaker of the building gets notified on our mobile phones in case of any problems,” explains Poul Thrane.

Easy implementation

Installation and implementation of BITZER SMART CONNECT at Engbakken College has been easy. “During a couple of hours, Lodam employees installed BITZER SMART CONNECT on the air handling units. My colleagues had an instruction of the app and the structure in the system quickly made it very easy to use,” tells Poul Thrane.

Poul Thrane and his colleagues has had and still have the possibility to contact BITZER employees in case of any questions regarding BITZER SMART CONNECT.

BITZER SMART CONNECT ensures that we use the full potential of our air handling units in terms of energy and economical reasons. The system also creates a great overview for our caretakers on a busy work-day.” 

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